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We are a fan-based community dedicated to the Ronsenburg brothers from FFXII, and their relationship as brothers and/or lovers. :)

March 22nd 2010 - 10:55am

We're up and running again.

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July 15th 2007 - 12:34am

Basch Fan Art

Hi There!
This is Kiriyama, bringing up some gifts! I give you all A NAKED BASCH!!


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May 28th 2007 - 11:10pm


Aha, more of these crazy things. (Complete with fake cuts). This block took a really long time, mostly because I took a brief (and continued) detour into the Naruto fandom. Still contemplating the ten-instead-of-five, but five is easy to manage in one night.

This block is made of a surprising amount of WAFF. Even the non-WAFF one is pretty WAFFy!

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April 18th 2007 - 11:28pm

Drabble love!

Haha, I finally got more of these drabbles done! (I am a fake cut to drabbles!). This block took WAY TOO LONG to get out, but I was busy all over the place, so it's understandable? I hope? Maybe I should start writing ten of these instead of five, so I can actually get through these, huh? Silly me, I work too hard!

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April 9th 2007 - 9:40pm

Holy crap!


Cat Burglar Chapter 2
Warnings: Language, Light brotherly love
Rating: PG
Characters: Basch&Noah&Vaan&A bit of Balthier. x3

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April 3rd 2007 - 2:07am

A Question Of Environment

This has been bugging me for awhile now, so I'm going to share my inner turmoil. It has to do with Noah and Basch's life in Landis.

In a lot (ok, 99%) of fan fiction written on ze Ronsenburgs, they are referred to as having grown up on a farm. The idea of these two being farmers by birth bothers me for a few reasons. (Which will follow, no worries.) Is there any evidence in canon, other than the mention of Basch's popularity with the Dalmascans because of his "common" status, that they came from farmers?

Why take an issue with this? Dunno about y'all, but the twins strike me as men defined by duty and martial study. Nothing against farmers (descended from and related to I am) but men so decidedly military are not made, they are born.

I grew up on military posts, my husband is in the ARNG, and I spent a great deal of my developing years obsessed with the history of war and the practice of martial art. It is possible for a civilian to learn a militaristic outlook and lifestyle (obviously). Yet I find it hard to believe that a civilian turned soldier can truly achieve what the Spartans, the samurai, the Norse and other war cultures achieved. True heros, comprised completely of service, valued for their skill, trained from the cradle, total warriors.

In fact, it's safe to say that Reks was a soldier. Basch (& Noah) were warriors. There is a difference and, if you look, the gap between the two is rather wide.

It is possible that they were born farmers and developed this warrior mentality because Landis was under threat from the Archadian empire, but the timeline provided by the FFXII Ultima guide suggests the fighting didn't begin until the twins were in their teens. Training in childhood is, as far as I understand, essential to growing a warrior.

Am I crazy? Somebody help me with this. I may have completely missed something. I think too much, don't I? Guh.

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March 22nd 2007 - 12:04pm

Right so...

Wow, it's been like forever since Ronsencest has been in my thoughts. xD Here's something written for manic_intent for a "dabble" challenge. :) More hopefully to come!

Title: Comprehension
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Gabranth/Basch/Balthier
Rating: R | Implied Sex, Angst
Summary: They're always in their own little world, but there's always a way around it.

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February 25th 2007 - 3:26am

[fic] Last to Dawn

Title: Last to Dawn
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Gabranth x Basch
A/N: Because I wanted to write a Ronsencest... Written at 2am so... seems slightly incoherent. [2,671]. Unexpected visits in Bhujerba.

(link to ficjournal)

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February 20th 2007 - 11:49am

x2 drabble fic

Both these fics are posted over at my lil drabble journal, jewelles (something the muses has forced me to create xD). Want more? Table's here.

Idiosyncrasies )
Misdirection )

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February 19th 2007 - 9:22pm

More Drabbles

A little less 'cesty than the last post, but still full of yummy 'cest.

(I'm a fake cut to drabbles!)

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February 15th 2007 - 11:07pm


MOOD: content

Hi everybody! I come baring drabbles from drabbles100, where I have the twins claimed.

(I am a fakecut to drabbles!)

Comment, please! And, if you like anything, fell free to ask for something longer that goes in that same vein. I need to work with these guys more anyway.

(x-posted to gravitypulls12 and drabbles100)

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February 15th 2007 - 6:37pm

Finally... SOMETHING

I'll admit: I abandoned this pair for my otp for a little while, but no mores. I actually wanna get some sort of claim for these two, so I have an excuse to write for them. ;D

Anywho, here's a little something I'm not to proud of, even though this was intended as a gift that was supposed to be written a while ago (yes, only I understand that even if you think you do).

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February 11th 2007 - 4:50pm

Ronsencest drabbles and subtle hints

MOOD: bouncy

Still working on the next chapter of Cat Burglar. To get into the mood I started doing some centi-porn drabbles, for NoahxBasch as the pairing. ^^

Click here to see them. :)

I will be putting the other 12 up there as I finish them. For now there are only three complete. ^^; Just felt that I had to contribute to this community and not just enjoy all the yummy ronsencest yumminess. >.> -hint at other members not posting-

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February 10th 2007 - 9:42pm


Yeah, it's been like the loooooongest time EVER. Aside from this, expect a lil' ficcy by, say, this Wednesday. ;)

Title: Clueless Basch
Rating: G

( He looks clueless... )

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January 5th 2007 - 7:43pm

Noah's gettin' lots of lurve...

Title: Dirty Little Secrets
Final Fantasy XII
Noah/Basch a.k.a. Ronsencest
PG to NC-17
Mentions of pre-game and smut, twincest, angst, fluff
20 things you never knew about the Ronsenburg twins. (also written for my 20_squares claim.)

Home Assignment
Final Fantasy XII
Smut, Twincest, Possible OOCness, AU
Summary: Noah comes home to a horny pair. More details behind cut.

Home Assignment )

Vaan, can you please tell Rek's to stop breathing sighs of relief because his ass is next.

Noah: Literally.

Bah, who asked you.

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December 31st 2006 - 8:44pm

Noah/Basch - Transposition

Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Noah/Basch a.k.a.Ronsencest
Rating:  NC-17
Smut, Twincest
Noah gets a little daring. Timeline here.

Transposition )

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December 29th 2006 - 8:20pm

Basch Icons

MOOD: bouncy

I promised I would never go anywhere near iconing again, but it's hard to keep such promises. Basch is a hard muse to work with: he wouldn't let me rest until he was satisfied with what I made. xD Behind the cut lies countless (21) icons of Basch, including one or two of Gabranth and Balthier. Enjoy!

NOTE: Some icons contain spoilers. (Sorry; couldn't help it. :)

x21 icons including 5 bases


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December 26th 2006 - 12:19am

So finally...

After working on this since November, I present my icky brainchild that should really just go die but refuses to do as I tell it to do.

Cat Burglar
Fandom: Final fantasy xii
Pairings: NoahxBasch, BaschxVaan, NoahxBaschxVaan (You've been warned. <<;)
Overall Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Usual hard-yaoi warnings, along with language and twincest.
Summary: Vaan is a cat burglar, and the Ronsenburg twins are his 'victims'. Vaan is redefining the word failure. c:

(Link to Fic-Journal. :3)

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December 25th 2006 - 10:11pm

Noah/Basch - No Longer

Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairings: Noah/Basch
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Smut, Twincest, AU
Summary: Noah tricks Basch into relaxing his mind, as well as his body.
Author's Notes: X-mas gift for </a></b></a>suixcausa. (Still working on the Nalbina Dungeon's fic for j00; hope you can be patient because it's coming out longer than expected. ;)

No Longer )

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December 19th 2006 - 1:06pm

Drabble - Saying Goodbye

A Kiss Goodbye
Pre-game FFXII
Pairing: NoahxBasch
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Light hints of twincest, shonen-ai, angst
Because the hardest part is saying goodbye.

A short ficceh inspired by the concept of this community. >_>

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December 19th 2006 - 10:54am

Noah/Basch - In Our Last Moments

Title: In Our Last Moments
Fandom: Final Fantasy XII
Pairing: Noah/Basch
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Full warning and summary inside because of ending spoiler, tho it does seem ridiculous to do so....

In Our Last Moments )

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December 18th 2006 - 10:29pm


MOOD: sleepy

I gues I might as well make the first post ;P

This here community is dedicated to the relationship between the Ronsenburg brothers, Basch and Gabranth/Noah, from Final Fantasy 12. As stated in the profile, you can either view their relationship as romantic or as brothers.

Yep, I've got nothing more to say because I'm about to fall asleep on myself xD If anyone has any questions or concerns, then either leave a comment to THIS entry, or you can get in touch with either maintainer (me or suixcausa).

Also! If you'd like to affiliate (which I'd much love), then you can also leave a note for that here.

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